The Honeybear Hangout-Vinyl

The Honeybear Hangout-Vinyl


This Model Includes:

  • Towers: N/A
  • Tower Connectors: N/A
  • Slides: 10' Wave Slide
  • Climbers: N/A
  • Sandbox: N/A
  • Roof Type: N/A
  • Swing Bar: 3 Position Monkey Bar
  • Rides: Belt Swing, Trapeze, Plastic Glider
  • Fun Add On's: N/A


King Swings The Honeybear Hangout of the Teddy Bear Series is a beautiful swing set with a bold and blue 10’ Wave Slide attachment. This model will look wonderfully welcoming in any yard, and your children and grandchildren will never stop thanking you for it…And you’ll thank yourself for choosing such sturdy construction!

  • Border Needed: 68′
  • Rubber Mulch Needed: 1 Ton
  • Wood Mulch Needed: 3 cu. yrds.
  • Weed Guard Needed: 288 squ. ft.
  • Total Space Needed: 16′ x 18′