The Captain’s Castle-Stained Wood

The Captain’s Castle-Stained Wood


This Model Includes:

  • Towers: 4' x 8' Double Deck
  • Tower Connectors: N/A
  • Slides: 10′ Waterfall Slide, 7' Super Spiral Slide
  • Climbers: 5′ Ladder, 7′ Full width Climbing Wall
  • Sandbox: 4' x 4' (12 bags of sand needed
  • Roof Type: Plastic
  • Swing Bar: 3 Position Monkey Bar
  • Rides: Trapeze, Belt Swing, Plastic Glider Hammock Swing
  • Fun Accessories's: Fire Pole, Telescope, Tic-Tac-Toe

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King Swings The Captain’s Castle of the Pirate Ship Series is sure to make any kid’s eyes go oogle…or, whichever ‘eye’ is not eye-patched! The 7’ Super Spiral Slide is assuredly this model’s most awesome feature. Your children and grandchildren will search out the buried treasure for hours, or maybe just sit in the Spiral slide with their noses in Stevenson’s Treasure Island during a long summer afternoon. Measurements:
  • Border Needed:  108′
  • Rubber Mulch Needed: 2 Ton
  • Wood Mulch Needed: 7 yrds.
  • Weed Guard Needed: 729 squ. ft.
  • Total Space Needed: 27′ x 27′