The Storm Chaser-Stained Wood

The Storm Chaser-Stained Wood


This Model Includes:

  • Towers: 6'x8' Playdeck w/ decking under tower and clubhouse walls.
  • Tower Connectors: N/A
  • Slides: 10' Waterfall slide
  • Climbers: Staircase, 5' Climbing Wall/Ladder Combo
  • Sandbox: N/A
  • Roof Type: Plastic
  • Swing Bar: 3 Position 8' High Beam
  • Rides: Belt Swing, Trapeze Bar, Plastic Glider
  • Fun Accessories: Telescope, Ship Wheel, Tic-Tac-Toe

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The Storm Chaser combines the large 6X8 playdeck with the enclosed playhouse in the bottom giving it the cozy doll house feel. Complete with the plastic glider, belt swing and trapeze bar this swing set will bring your little ones hours of fun.

  • Border Needed: 100′
  • Rubber Mulch Needed: 2 Ton
  • Wood Mulch Needed: 7 yrds.
  • Weed Guard Needed: 638 squ. ft.
  • Total Space Needed:  22′ x 29′